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The test bench is capable of testing PEM stacks in the power range between 50 and 200 kW. All work steps, from insertion, fixing and contacting to removal, are fully automated and can be checked at any time from a central control room, an operator panel on the test bench or a separate workstation.

The overall concept is designed to ensure problem-free production by scaling the systems. The lean test bench design and simple geometry also simplify integration into production halls, as space can be used optimally. The integration of autonomous industrial trucks in the production line complements the automation and also optimizes the time cycles for the test procedure.


The use of fuel cells is an important step towards the sustainable reduction of emissions in order to provide electrical energy without the use of fossil fuels. In addition to a critical sales volume for fuel cell stacks or systems, problems have repeatedly arisen in the past in automated production and, above all, in quality assurance. With the Evaluator EOL, manufacturers are now in a position to produce large quantities fully automatically and thus realize the ramp-up of global fuel cell production. The system not only enables important production steps, but also supports the sparing use of resources through reliable quality assurance, as defective products can be detected and repaired at an early stage.

Future outlook

With the Evaluator EOL, we have a test bench concept that can also be adapted to other technologies and can therefore also support the production of solid oxide fuel cells or electrolysers, for example. The universal use case means that industrial requirements for mass production can be reliably met, enabling a long-term switch to sustainable energy generation. Thanks to its flexible design, the test bench concept can also be adapted to future requirements and technological developments, ensuring long-term use.