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IMI Norgren has a specialized product suite designed for the hydrogen industry, offering high-performance valves, regulators, and special custom-engineered solutions for the hydrogen economy. Designed for High Pressure Hydrogen acc. ISO 19880-1 & SAE J2601 and for low pressure: compatible with pure water usage, globally

We’re sustainable in every way

We’re building IMI into a genuine leader in world engineering. Although often unseen, many of our products are specifically engineered to improve the environment. They help our customers operate safely, cleanly, and efficiently.

Becoming energy efficient

One of the key ways we’re acting and thinking sustainably is by focusing on improving energy efficiency across our whole business. Because being efficient means we can reduce our environmental impact and develop clever, cost-effective production processes.

We’ve certified several of our large manufacturing facilities to the international standard for Energy Management ISO 50001, which provides frameworks for developing, implementing and measuring efficiency policies.