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The focus is on the individuality of each customer. Thanks to its unique modular system, SEW-EURODRIVE enables flexible adaptation to different requirements while ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. The company ensures that every customer receives the right drive solution. The comprehensive international sales and service network plays a decisive role in this process.

One example of our innovative strength is DriveRadar® IoT Suite for industrial gearboxes , an outstanding product that impresses with its uniqueness. DriveRadar® is more than just a condition monitoring system. It is an intelligent software that uses advanced technology to digitally capture and automatically evaluate gear unit data.



SEW-EURODRIVE is one of the world's leading providers of drive solutions - as a family-owned company with a long tradition, our drive is always focused on people and the preservation and improvement of their livelihoods. A way of thinking and working geared towards sustainable, long-lasting products has therefore been an integral part of SEW-EURODRIVE's corporate DNA for many years and decades. We take all three dimensions of sustainability into account - ecological, social and economic - and combine them in a further aspect, quality.

Our commitment is based on the long-term sustainability@sew initiative and the work of a specially created Sustainability Committee, which was set up in 2022. It evaluates, assesses and optimizes sustainability at SEW-EURODRIVE along the entire value chain and documents this in an annually updated sustainability report . The committee has defined goals in a roadmap for the period up to 2026 - including CO2 neutrality for all of the company's German sites.

During product development, we pay attention to resource efficiency and sustainability throughout the entire life cycle. Our products are designed in accordance with the Ecodesign Regulation (EU) 2019/1781. In addition SEW-EURODRIVE has been certified in accordance with international standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for many years.

With regard to supply chains, we also hold our partners and suppliers accountable and pay attention to maximum material efficiency and resource conservation. In this context, SEW-EURODRIVE has defined its own sustainability KPI, which is made up of twelve criteria weighted according to a points system. In addition to product compliance, energy-efficient procurement is also weighted here.

The ecological dimension of sustainability also includes recycling as comprehensively as possible and checking our products for recycling concepts. By recycling individual components and assemblies such as defective gear units, we try to make our material cycle as resource-efficient as possible. Life Cycle Services also keep every system up to date and as energy-efficient as possible.

Future outlook

The topic of sustainability is nothing new at SEW-EURODRIVE. For a long time, we have been involved in recycling in the sense of a sustainable circular economy, the generation of renewable and efficient energy with photovoltaics and combined heat and power plants and, above all, the greatest possible energy efficiency of our drives:

Our product range, which is based on a modular system, is geared towards customer needs and saving resources right from the start. It is based on the idea of creating as many variants as possible from as few individual parts as possible in order to achieve the greatest possible energy savings.

Whether the differentiation of our CO₂ accounting, our goal of CO₂ neutrality in Germany in 2026, the establishment of sustainability reporting or the resource-oriented optimization of procurement, production and logistics processes: In all areas, SEW-EURODRIVE is working together with partners, customers and employees to make its contribution to the sustainable transformation of the economy and society.