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The 3D printing robot by American-Russian startup Apis Cor can print the framework for an entire house at a price of under 10,000 euros for around 38 m². But it's not just the price that’s blowing people away. The robot works at incredible speeds, completing buildings within just 24 hours, saving major time. Construction sites also benefit, as the 3D printer is especially tidy and efficient, and it produces absolutely no waste. According to CEO and founder Nikita Chen-Yun-Tai , soon nothing will stand in the way of 3D printing entire properties, be it high-rises or large-scale construction sites.

Until now, additive manufacturing was capable primarily of handling individual stages of construction. The parts were then transported to the site, where they were installed. By contrast, the 3D printer from Apis Cor works directly on site. Precisely coordinating the materials is key. The insulating mineral plaster is supplied by German company Bitex from Obernburg, for example. In the future, completely different materials could be running through the 3D printer. Soon, industrial halls may no longer require windows but will still be flooded with daylight.