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Materials handling and intralogistics specialist Kewesta GmbH recently introduced 3D simulation software Visual Components to optimize plant design for overhead conveyor technology, as well as material flow simulations. The rollout took place as part of a collaboration with DUALIS GmbH IT Solution . This has allowed the company, founded in 1971, to not only improve schedule adherence by 70% when manufacturing systems and components for customers, but also to reduce production risks by 80% at the same time.

Kewesta uses the simulation software to draw up changes to conveyor systems in the form of a digital image and check their functionality and efficiency. This gives the company the ability, especially in the early planning and design phase, to eliminate potential problems and present customers with well-engineered proposals as 3D layouts are created via drag-and-drop, displayed and statistically analyzed in Visual Components. Clear illustrations and previously collected data on the efficiency of the plant design then form the basis for customer communication. EU research project MeFap is attempting to go one step further – the goal on completion is for software to deliver optimized factory layouts at the push of a button.