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WIBU-SYSTEMS from Karlsruhe has established itself as an innovative technology leader for software license lifecycle management since its foundation in 1989. Following its mission to monetize the business of software vendors and smart device manufacturers, WIBU-SYSTEMS has developed CodeMeter, an interoperable tool for PCs, mobile devices, embedded systems, controllers and microcontrollers that is designed to protect the integrity of digital assets, technical know-how and intellectual property from piracy, reverse engineering, tampering, sabotage and cyber-attacks.

First-hand insights

At HANNOVER MESSE 2024, WIBU-SYSTEMS will be welcoming interested visitors with a special feature this time: On exclusive 90-minute tours, which will be conducted personally by CEO Oliver Winzenried, participants will gain first-hand insights into how WIBU's solutions are reshaping the software industry in the areas of protection, licensing and security. The guided tours will be offered once on each day of the trade fair, more details can be found on the WIBU-SYSTEMS homepage. In addition, the Karlsruhe-based company will of course also be offering a whole range of new and optimized solutions at HANNOVER MESSE 2024.

Release of licenses in container environments

For example, the smooth integration of CodeMeter licensing solutions in Kubernetes and Docker, which are designed to significantly improve software protection and licensing flexibility. CodeMeter's dynamic management, scalability, flexibility and robust security mechanisms ensure straightforward enforcement of licensing regulations in containerized deployments and shape the future of software licensing.

Optimization of license management with CodeMeter License Portal

The CodeMeter License Portal is designed to simplify license creation and management. According to WIBU-SYSTEMS, the innovative solution enables companies to efficiently create and adapt licenses to their specific needs - all via a user-friendly interface. From defining license parameters to tracking license usage and entitlements, CodeMeter License Portal provides comprehensive control and transparency over licensing operations.

Powerful software licensing in the cloud with CodeMeter Cloud

CodeMeter Cloud offers a modern solution designed to significantly improve software licensing in cloud environments thanks to unprecedented flexibility and scalability. According to WIBU-SYSTEMS, CodeMeter Cloud makes it easy to move licensing operations to the cloud, eliminating the need for on-premise infrastructure and ensuring seamless license management and licensing. From secure license storage to dynamic license allocation, CodeMeter Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of features that streamlines the licensing process in cloud-based deployments.

Better software protection with CodeMeter AxProtector for .NET 8

In the rapidly evolving software development world, .NET 8 plays a central role and sets new standards for performance, security and innovation. As .NET continues to grow in importance as one of the world's most widely used frameworks and ranks high in the index of top programming languages, it is especially important to protect .NET applications. With the introduction of support for .NET 8, CodeMeter AxProtector strengthens its position as a leading solution that enables developers to protect their .NET applications with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Highest security with AxProtector Compile Time Protection (CTP)

AxProtector Compile Time Protection (CTP) delivers a unique combination of licensing and obfuscation that provides security at the same level as encryption tools. By obfuscating the control flow and data during compilation and adding integrity checking measures, AxProtector CTP is said to provide robust protection against reverse engineering attacks. AxProtector CTP utilizes the LLVM compiler and supports a variety of platforms, enabling software vendors and device manufacturers to secure their applications even in hardened environments.