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In Houston, Texas, Genesis Research & Technology Group has developed a three-stage water purification system designed to handle even the heavily polluted wastewater from fracking plants. It is based on three patented processes for ozonization, coagulation (flocculation) and ultrafiltration of the water and is intended to function without using any chemicals. Crude oil extraction by fracking currently pollutes about ten barrels of water per barrel of oil, which are then stored as wastewater in underground depots. Genesis now claims that the same water can be used multiple times in its process, effectively reducing both consumption and costs. Moreover, the company’s wastewater treatment plants are mobile and can be operated at changing locations.

Genesis uses the blockchain process to reduce mistrust of fracking technology and fear of environmental damage. The water purity data at the individual sites is regularly transmitted via Arduino minicomputers to an Ethereum blockchain, where it is permanently stored on all connected computers. To finance the system, Genesis has launched an ICO ( Initial Coin Offering ) called Water Token , which allows investors to acquire shares in the form of tokens by means of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.