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The results of a study by the World Economic Forum show the economy is still faring well, but they also provide some food for thought. According to the study, up to 70 percent of machine downtime and stoppages could be prevented using intelligent predictive maintenance concepts. Not only that, but companies could reduce maintenance costs by up to 30 percent by basing planning on digital data. If there's one thing these impressive findings make very clear, it's that, as competition gets ever tougher, the companies that come out on top will be the ones most dedicated to the "wellbeing" of their machines - in other words, those that maximize added value by minimizing downtime. One company that has made it its mission to harness all this untapped potential is infinIT Services GmbH. The company was joined by its partner HÄUSLER at HANNOVER MESSE 2019, where they showcased their latest innovation that is set to take service & maintenance to a whole new level - D MORITS.

This out-of-the-box solution is a brand-new service concept for machine operators, designed to perfectly bridge the gap between factory facilities and the manufacturer’s digital service infrastructure. No matter where a machine comes from, all future servicing and maintenance will reportedly be carried out in situ, thanks to innovative and exceptionally smart networking with the manufacturer’s service center. Connected via data glasses and a digital line, the on-site technician and the service specialist at a remote location can, from now on, address the matter at hand as a team. The obvious advantage of this is that both people involved have access to the same data, see the same images and can communicate simultaneously - all in real time. This usually allows technicians to locate and remedy errors very quickly with remote assistance from a service specialist. All these developments eliminate the factors that normally make maintenance and rapid support so time-consuming and expensive. Companies no longer have to "fly in" a specialist or endure the excessive downtime and costs caused by having to arrange an appointment and wait for the specialist to arrive. Problem-solving measures can be taken immediately, in real time and at a significantly lower cost. What’s more, this process provides a form of ongoing training for staff, helping them build up valuable expertise over time.