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Although celebrating its 100th anniversary, Kaeser Kompressoren is more innovative and cutting-edge than ever before. For example, the company claims to have just set a new standard in the 5 m3 range. The recently launched Mobilair M55 and M59 portable compressors boast a new bodywork and state-of-the-art motors that meet European and North American exhaust regulations. Available as a lightweight version, the compressors also feature polyethylene gull-wing doors, numerous options such as compressed air treatment and generators for simultaneous production of compressed air and electricity, and a pV control.

The pV control familiar from the larger Mobilair models can directly influence the maximum flow rate, thanks to the steplessly adjustable maximum pressure. The compressors can thus provide the maximum of 7 bar needed to operate a breaker and the 10 bar needed for sandblasting. The pressure is set at the touch of a button using the tried-and-tested Sigma Control Smart controller. What's more, the European version of the M59 meets the stringent EU Stage V emissions standard. Weighing less than 750 kg, it can be ordered with a chassis without a service brake so that drivers do not need a license and can select a smaller towing vehicle. The compressor is also easier to couple, uncouple and maneuver by hand on construction sites. Naturally the M59 can also be ordered with a chassis fitted with an overrun brake. This is used, for instance, if the user opts for a generator or compressed air treatment equipment with a filter combination for oil-free compressed air. For the first time, noise protection is provided in this case by two large gull-wing doors made of rotation-sintered polyethylene that are designed to enable perfect access to all areas relevant for maintenance work.


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