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Besides being renowned as one of the world's leading manufacturers of automation and industrial components, the Zimmer Group is an established system solutions partner for a whole host of big names - in Germany and abroad - in the mechanical & plant engineering, aviation and automobile industries. Thanks to its excellent innovative capabilities, continuous growth and a sales network spread across 125 or so countries, the Zimmer Group offers its customers state-of-the-art technology, secure investments and a worldwide service.

At this year's HANNOVER MESSE, the company was as eager as ever to show off its innovative prowess, which was particularly discernible from its presentation of the world's first smart robotic flange based on the brand-new wireless IO-Link standard. The flange establishes a wireless connection between the control systems and otherwise wired mechatronic grippers. In many cases, this eliminates the need for often complex outer robotic cabling, with wires now only required for the power supply. The robotic flange transfers all information to the control unit via a radio link, ensuring that disruptive, unreliable and costly external robotic wiring is a thing of the past.