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Since it was founded in 2009, Polysecure GmbH - based in Freiburg, Germany - has focused on developing and producing new fluorescent marking materials known as tracers and the relevant detection equipment. The aim was - and is - to develop practical solutions for product authentication and tracer-based sorting. While the markers have been used for counterfeit protection since 2012, the first tracer-based sorting machine from Polysecure GmbH is now also ready for its premiere at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

The machine - named "Fluosort" and developed in conjunction with Rehau AG - is designed to sort materials where separation using intrinsic material features (such as density or color) is not possible or practical. This involves marking the materials and products with fluorescent tracers while they are still in production. The fluorescence ensures the marked materials can now be detected in the waste flow and thus sorted cost-effectively. Only one sorting stage per marker is needed, and no unsortable waste is produced. The markers themselves are extremely robust and stable across a range of temperatures and can therefore be used in several extrusions or other processing steps. Coupled with a high sorting standard, the aim is to deliver material recycling at the same level of quality and performance and prevent downcycling.