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The young Copenhagen-based company Coh&Co has unveiled the Velosled, which it claims is the lightest cargo bike in the world. “Anna”, as the model is called, transports the loads on a platform between the handlebars and the front wheel, which is fitted a long way in front. It is not controlled by a fork, but by a wishbone suspension. The bike is steered via cables that run through the frame. The platform for the loads can be adapted flexibly, depending on whether food, packages or tools are being transported or whether a shopping trip is planned.

The extremely light carbon frame is particularly strong and weighs just 7 kg; but Anna is intended to transport up to 200 kg easily and without swaying. Of course, if riders use it up to this maximum load, they will have problems going uphill. The Velosled, the basic version of which should come in at around €3,000, is therefore also available as a pedelec with an electric rear wheel hub motor at a price of around €4,500. Coh&Co intends to start selling the bikes from September.