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Agile Robots AG, based in Munich, is an international high-tech company with more than 1,200 employees worldwide. With the mission to close the gap between artificial intelligence and robotics, Agile Robots develops highly complex systems that combine state-of-the-art force-torque sensor technology with world-leading image processing technology. This unique combination of precision and intelligence should enable companies to bring cost-efficient and user-friendly robot solutions to the market. For product development, the spin-off of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) relies on powerful simulation software from Ansys, distributed and supported by its elite partner INNEO.

INNEO Solutions GmbH from Ellwangen sees itself as an innovative driving force for the success of its customers. Comprehensive expertise in the areas of product development and manufacturing, simulation, digital reality, IT, cloud and managed services as well as IoT with Industry 4.0 should make INNEO a reliable digitalization partner for users from a wide range of industries. And indeed, as an internationally award-winning solution provider, the Swabian company impresses with its systematic, well-thought-out and therefore successful innovation management.

Andreas Spenninger, Industrialization & Safety Manager at Agile Robots, agrees: "With Ansys, we can carry out virtual tests. This allows us to optimize strength, reduce weight and improve the overall service life. In the end, we have a more efficient system in less time - and that's exactly what the customer wants." Leonardo Martinez, Senior Stress Engineer at Agile Robots, adds: "Ansys helps us to carry out all the simulations we need. Ansys helps us a lot to achieve an appropriate performance and to obtain a reliable and safe product."