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Flexible, compact, robust - the MK series from GEOERG SCHLEGEL in Dürmentingen, Swabia, already had a lot to offer in the field of connection technology. The MKP version now adds convenience and, above all, time-saving aspects. A cable with sufficient kink resistance can simply be inserted into the connection with little effort - and that's it. The advantages are obvious: no tools are required for fastening, no torque needs to be observed and there is no risk of touching live parts. The installation effort with push-in technology is significantly reduced compared to other connection methods, saving not only time but also money.

This is made possible by a special clamping mechanism that firmly braces the inserted cable and is designed to withstand even the strongest vibrations. According to the manufacturer, this makes the connection secure and low-maintenance. The SCHLEGEL push-in contact elements have two entries on each side for cables with a cross-section of 0.5 to 1.5 square millimetres as well as two so-called "pushers". However, these pushers are only required if cables with low kink resistance need to be connected or installed cables need to be disconnected. A conventional screwdriver or similar tool is sufficient to operate the "pusher". To make the connections easier to access, they have been positioned facing downwards rather than sideways.

The new push-in contact elements are also available as combinable individual modules. This enables tailor-made solutions for a wide range of requirements. The series currently offers a normally closed contact, a normally open contact, an illumination module with white LED and a connection module for emergency stop devices with illuminated protective collar or blocking protection collar. Up to three elements can be combined in the matching module holder.