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EBS Ink Jet Systeme GmbH from Nümbrecht in the Bergisches Land region researches, develops and produces high-performance marking systems and their consumables. This makes EBS a full-service provider whose inkjet printing systems are used in a wide range of industrial and service sectors. In addition to stationary small and large character printers, the mobile hand-jet coders from EBS are causing a sensation.

The mobile devices are large character printers that are operated using the drop-on-demand method. Here, up to 32 nozzles are controlled individually in order to apply text, barcodes or graphics to the object to be printed with a print height of seven to a maximum of 57 millimetres. According to the manufacturer, the special feature of the EBS hand jets is their ease of use in everyday work. Thanks to their low weight and unlimited mobility, the mobile printers are the more efficient alternative to roll coders and stencils.

Thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery and data memory, the Handjets work completely wirelessly and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. Instead of taking the product to the marking device, the Handjet can be used to mark the product directly. This saves time and effort every day. The built-in nozzles are designed in such a way that even overhead printing should not be a problem for the Handjet coder. Separately available guide rails can also facilitate the marking of cylindrical or circular objects. In combination with the EBS-260, the latest model in the mobile marking line, perfect circular markings should be possible. Thanks to optional guide rollers, even without guide rails - and with adjustable, precisely fitting radii.