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Techman labels its latest development "smart – simple – safe". Equipped with six swivel joints, the smooth action of the steel robotic arm on the new TM5 certainly lives up to this neat and balanced description. But what makes the TM5 so very special is how quick it is to learn. The smart combination of Techman’s intelligent vision system with manual control functions enables even users without previous robot-programming experience to set up a visual pick-and-place task in less than five minutes.

The TM5 is available in two versions – the TM5-700 for loads up to six kilos and with a reach of 700 millimeters and the TM5-900 for loads of up to four kilos and with a reach of 900 millimeters. Both models have an IP54 rating and can be used in temperatures between zero and 40 degrees Celsius. Their integrated vision system perfectly harmonizes hardware and software, so it takes hardly any time or effort to integrate the vision components, despite the complexity of this task. That is precisely why Techman refers to its designs as "low-stress robotics". What’s more, according to its makers, the TM5 is the world’s first industrial robot that can follow orders sent via smartphone. A straightforward app interface is all that is needed to program the robot with a full range of industrial robot functions.