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What is a ball lock pin? Look online and you'll find all manner of designs and explanations. At Heinrich Kipp Werk, in Sulz am Neckar, Germany, they define them simply as fixings that allow a component to be engaged and locked. They consist of a pin that has an inbuilt spring mechanism, with a pushbutton at one end and balls at the other, and they are used wherever fastening and securing elements are deployed, such as in jigs, perforated plates and assembly structures. Heinrich Kipp Werk has recently expanded its range to include new ball lock pins and is showcasing them at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

The newly launched ball lock pins make it easy to connect or fix two parts or workpieces at the touch of a button. Special stainless steel models are also ideal for demanding applications. The new ball lock pins from Kipp are based on a simple, tried-and-tested principle: First the button at the top is pressed, which retracts the balls at the lower end of the pin. The pin can then be inserted into the intended opening and the button released. When the button is released, the balls return to their original position, locking the pin in place. Any unintentional ejection of the pin caused by vibration or other external influences can thus be prevented.