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The new Kangqiao robot factory , which the Swiss group is calling the most sophisticated of its kind in the world, is currently being built close to the existing, vast ABB robotics campus in Shanghai. The idea behind the project is to combine collaborative robots, self-learning machines, and research facilities in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) in the new plant, to create a sophisticated, ecologically sustainable ‘factory of the future’. A digital twin is also to be developed, to provide management, developers, and operation and maintenance experts with the relevant bases for making decisions.

Among other things, ABB Ability™ Connected Services will be used to collect and analyze information about the condition and performance of robots in the factory, to help detect any potential faults early and avoid costly failures. They will also facilitate access to platforms such as the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Cloud , the first international public cloud service in China. ABB’s robot factory is anticipated to commence operation at the end of 2020.