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Techman Robot from Taoyuan City in Taiwan has developed from an aspiring newcomer to one of the world's leading companies for collaborative robot and image processing technologies in a comparatively short space of time. The Chinese company's declared aim is not only to noticeably improve the working environment of companies and their employees through its (robot) technology applications, but also to have a lasting positive impact on entire industries in terms of performance, efficiency and productivity.

One of the ways in which this is to be achieved is through cobots, which differ from conventional robotic arms in the industry thanks to "AI Vision" technology. As these AI-controlled collaborative robots can visually perceive their surroundings and the people they are working with, they are able to noticeably increase production throughput, according to Techman Robot. The star of this TM AI Cobot S series is the TM25S. Unveiled at HANNOVER MESSE 2024, the robotic arm has a payload of 25 kilograms and is the strongest in a family of AI-controlled cobots. According to Techman Robots, the S-Series is flexible, easy to operate and deploy, making it ideal for automation in a variety of industries, including mechanical engineering, automotive, semiconductor, consumer electronics and food. Thanks to the integrated intelligent vision system, the S-Series cobots are designed to increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs while providing numerous safety features.