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German digital association Bitkom has published a comprehensive 26-page position paper on enterprise resource planning (ERP) with AI systems entitled ‘ Künstliche Intelligenz und ERP ’ (artificial intelligence and ERP). In the publication, which is available as a free download, the authors state that although the number of applications and providers currently remains low, Bitkom predicts rapid growth here: It is probable that AI systems will soon be used in data analytics, as well as for forecasting systems, search engines, machine translations, bots, and knowledge-based expert systems.

In the document the authors examine several existing applications. For instance, in its ERP system FOSS , Giessen-based software developer Ordat GmbH leverages artificial intelligence that takes the relevant context into account when translating texts. Another software developer, PSI Automotive & Industry GmbH in Berlin, uses AI to determine the optimal maintenance time through analyzing machine data (predictive maintenance); the AI also takes into account current incoming orders, to keep the production flow as unimpeded as possible.