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The term "business software" these days covers a range of functions that makes it increasingly difficult for programmers to reflect the needs of all sectors and sizes of business to create a solution that truly suits everyone. If a product is close to achieving this aim, it is frequently so complex to use that SMEs in particular often revert to old habits and thus increasingly fall behind. SOLIHDE GmbH - based in Bielefeld, Germany - is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to showcase IONE, a new generation of business software developed specifically for industrial SMEs and designed to help nurture the individuality and flexibility of such companies. The IONE digital twin concept also reduces complexity and creates a new kind of simplicity.

The digital twin concept for mapping reality in software shows that IONE can be used as a universal platform for optimizing and redesigning business processes and as a software platform for implementing new Industry 4.0 projects. IONE thus offers companies customized software solutions that optimize and automate existing processes and enable innovative business models. It makes endless Excel files and data silos a thing of the past and creates a standardized platform for processes and data. All information can be interlinked and interpreted more easily overall. IONE thus increases transparency and minimizes risks. As an Industry 4.0 platform, IONE enables the redesigning of processes in industry, trades and services across company boundaries.