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The secret to the success of the ArcWorld cells is as simple as it is effective - take one Motoman robot, a positioning system, controller and power source and combine them in one space-saving platform that can be put straight to use. This ensures the robot cells are easy to install and operate and, if necessary, can also be quickly moved to a new location without any difficulty. The two new and most compact members of the product family to date now make these benefits available in even the smallest of spaces. The ArcWorld RS Mini cell needs just 2.3 square meters of clear floor space, and the ArcWorld HS Micro cell as little as 1.4 square meters.

Like their big sisters, the two compact cells come with platform, casing, robot, welding kit and all the necessary accessories included. To satisfy all safety standards, the robot and welding kit are completely encapsulated by a polycarbonate glare shield. And, when it comes to the welding kit itself, customers can choose from a number of suppliers, including Kemppi, Esab and Migatronic. Each of the welding kits available includes a welding power source, cable bundle, wire feeder and welding torch. The system robot is the Motoman AR900, which YASKAWA now also manufactures directly in Europe. Besides exhibiting excellent path accuracy, it also boasts an IP67 protection rating and can therefore be used for welding and other automation tasks in even harsh environments – without requiring any additional modifications. A lean and organic design ensures the robot can reach deep into the working areas, while its smooth surfaces make it easy to clean. The AR900 is controlled via a single cable, which again saves space and also reduces wear. What’s more, this ingenious solution promises to drive down the costs associated with maintenance and spare parts inventories.

YASKAWA Europe GmbH (65760 Eschborn, Germany)
Website: https://arcworld.eu/