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In line with the megatrends of productivity, sustainability and connectivity, Nuremberg-based automation specialist Baumüller is making its mark in the fall of 2023 by launching several new products that address these trends. In particular, these include a completely new runtime system for PLCs, the b maXX 6000 servo inverter family including the drive-integrated high-performance b maXX PLC di controller, and the new DSC2 motor generation.

Maximum flexibility for automation systems

The drive-integrated control system b maXX PLC di (drive-integrated) will take over scalable control tasks in the servo drives of the new b maXX 6000 family, up to high-performance synchronous multi-axis applications. This relieves, downsizes or replaces the central PLC, as the PLC di can also be used as an EtherCAT master to control additional servo inverters. With a minimum fieldbus cycle time of up to 250 microseconds, the integrated controller is one of the fastest drive-integrated PLCs on the market.

Added value through control algorithms and IoT functionalities.

Via digital inputs, the b maXX PLC di responds to important events, such as measuring probes, in real time. The advantage: The controller works more efficiently and safely, especially in environments where fast response times are required. The drive-integrated PLC also makes it possible to implement smart applications in addition to motion control. Via the very fast interface between PLC di and servo controller (local axis), there is access to parameters of the drive, such as voltage, current, power, torque, speed or position. Machine manufacturers can thus offer additional added value with their customers through their own control algorithms and IoT functionalities.

Prepared for requirements in the automation and IoT environment

Completely new IoT solutions are also possible via analog high-speed inputs. For example, a structure-borne sound sensor can be connected directly in order to use these measured values to perform a vibration analysis directly in the PLC of the drive system. The comprehensive connectivity makes it possible to build flexible and modular structures via interfaces such as OPC UA, MQTT, EtherCAT and Ethernet. This should make the b maXX PLC di optimally prepared for future requirements in the automation and IoT environment.

Increased performance with reduced dimensions at the same time

According to Baumüller, the new b maXX 6000 servo controller generation in turn stands for more performance and maximum scalability. For example, the newly developed safety functionalities, which were specially developed for applications with high demands on dynamics and precision, ensure more performance. The safety module is integrated directly in the device in the new servo controllers. Safety-relevant encoder signals can thus be evaluated with an even higher resolution. This again significantly improves position and speed accuracy and helps to further reduce machine cycle times.

Numerous hardware and software options also ensure maximum scalability in order to adapt the drives even better to the respective application requirements. Numerous encoders, hardware and safety options are available. Hardware options include signal bus, service option, digital and analog I/Os, and brake connection. With regard to safety, different variants are available, ranging from simple hardware-controlled STO (Safe-Torque-Off) to higher safety functions - controlled via FSoE (FailSafe over EtherCAT) - while maintaining the highest safety level.

New standards are also set for the device dimensions: In addition to the space-saving bayed technology (b maXX 6300), the mono devices (b maXX 6500) are now also significantly more compact. The construction volume is significantly reduced, thus enabling even smaller control cabinets. But the servo drive can do much more: The drive can be used as a sensor or sensor hub and offers scalable IoT connectivity, for example via an edge PC to the cloud.

Scalability plus adaptability equals versatility.

Finally, the new DSC2 servo motors are the next generation for applications requiring high torque density. The low weight and minimal dimensions make this series the first choice. Among other things, the installation length has been reduced, making the DSC2 even more compact with the same power.

As already known from the DSC1 product family, the DSC2 motors are also scalable and adaptable for special requirements. Numerous encoder options, cooling variants, optional brake, various tuned gearbox variants and many other options are also intended to ensure perfect tuning for the DSC2 for the respective area of application.