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In the last ten years, Meyer Werft has crossed paths a number of times with Weinstadt-based Friedrich Lütze GmbH, part of the LUETZE INTERNATIONAL GROUP. It all started with an integrated USB outlet for the bridge, making it possible for pilots to plug in their laptops. Soon enough, Papenburg-based Meyer Werft had been won over by the benefits of the LSC control cabinet wiring system, too. After all, cruise ships need particularly compact control cabinets, because the only space available is behind wall panels. Despite the enormous size of some luxury liners, which can sometimes be as long as three soccer fields, every centimeter counts when it comes to using space efficiently.

Instead of cramming components onto installation panels and both side walls in the conventional manner, the innovative Lütze solution carries all the components on the wiring system itself. With 30 to 60 control cabinets per ship, a considerable amount of space and weight is saved. What's more, Meyer Werft has reported enhanced air convection within the control cabinet, as the LSC eliminates disruptive cable conduits. This results in a more consistent climate inside the control cabinet, further improved with a smart direct connection to the air-conditioning system.

Lütze also supplies Meyer Werft with Ethernet switches and powerful, slimline power supply units. For the past two years or so, the company has been manufacturing a range of control cables for the shipyard that are destined for luxury liners such as Aida, where some 70 to 90 kilometers of the ship’s cables have been installed for special event effects alone. In total, a good 2500 kilometers are required per ship. This is why it is so crucial that Meyer Werft can rely on consistent high quality and easy handling - just what Lütze products deliver.

Friedrich Lütze GmbH (D-71384 Weinstadt)
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