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It’s often said that storms clear the air, and this is actually borne out by a scientific principle that results in fresh, breathable air. The high voltage in lightning splits oxygen molecules into positively and negatively charged ions (bipolar ionization). These highly reactive particles are then able to break down and detoxify organic chains of molecules such as germs, mold and bacteria. The systems from bioclimatic GmbH, based in Bad Nenndorf, Germany, utilize this exact same principle. This global air purification specialist is exhibiting its latest bipolar ionization systems at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 that are designed for industrial and commercial applications in airports, hospitals, office buildings, event venues and the food industry.

Applying the bipolar ionization principle doesn’t just provide fresh and odorless air and significantly reduce levels of bacteria, germs and mold – deactivating harmful substances is also a reliable way to alleviate the symptoms associated with pollen allergies. What’s more, in numerous communal spaces throughout the world where people continue to smoke, bioclimatic solutions can help cut unpleasant odors decisively. "We offer a natural solution that genuinely removes odors and doesn’t just mask them," says Carsten Feuerhake, Head of Sales & Marketing at bioclimatic GmbH. bioclimatic systems, which can also be installed in existing air conditioning and ventilation units, don’t cause any loss of pressure, thus making them highly energy-efficient. Moreover, they don’t use any chemicals or fragrances, which means disposal is easy. Maintenance is also straightforward, as users can complete annual visual inspections and clean pipes themselves.