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A few weeks ago, the founders closed a Series B financing round and were able to raise 23 million euros in fresh capital. The money is also flowing into the horstOS operating system with the integrated AI Copilot. In the Industrial AI Podcast, the creators explain the idea. We summarize the most important statements.

  • The user can do more than summarize operating instructions. Whether setting up the robot and other components, troubleshooting or suggesting program blocks or even writing entire programs, the AI Copilot enables users to find quick and precise solutions for their applications and keep operations running smoothly. For example, if the user wants to know how to pass the part position detected by the camera to the robot, he can address this question to the AI Copilot via text prompt and receive the corresponding code module within a few moments.
  • fruitcore robotics uses ChatGPT's API as LLM trained on its own data. Customer data does not go to OpenAI. The developers select the most important components around the robot in advance and train the model.
  • It doesn’t have to be ChatGPT from OpenAI. fruitcore robotics also tries out LLaMA and other smaller, local LLMs.
  • Safety-related applications are not touched or supported by the LLM/ and AI features.
  • The full conversation is here.