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Bicycle owners are usually forced to wash their bicycles by hand if their pride and joy is not to be ruined by the high-pressure lances of self-service car washes. Up to now, they could only dream of fully automated bicycle cleaning. Yet this may soon be changing for good. cycleWash, which is now available, is a compact washing system for bicycles that isn't just thorough but is also exceptionally eco-friendly, using organic soap and just half a liter of water per wash. Lubrication- and maintenance-free xiros polymer ball bearings from Cologne-based igus GmbH were among the key factors behind this development.

xiros rotary table bearings with stainless steel balls are used to hold the washing brushes, thus ensuring smooth running under water. xirodur B180, the ball bearing material used to manufacture the bearing rings, enables maintenance-free dry running and minimal rolling friction while withstanding temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius. xiros bearings are also corrosion-resistant, up to 60 percent lighter and cost much less than comparable metal bearings. The lubrication-free and corrosion-resistant plastic bearings are ideal under water and thus extend system service life. That's why xiros bearings are not just used in the new cycleWash but also in other underwater applications, such as wave-generation systems in swimming pools. What's more, xiros polymer ball bearings are resistant to dirt and detergents, which is essential when using soap.