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A joint research project between science and industry aims to give forklift drivers better visibility through augmented reality (AR) technology . Unlike conventional cameras, which display poorly visible areas on cockpit monitors in the vehicle, data glasses do not distract the driver’s attention from the maneuvering environment: they no longer need to look away from the road to see the images from the cameras.

The transparent AR headset will overlay obstacles, based on additional camera data and smart algorithms. When the driver looks forward, they will see the lift mast and the load and, at the same time, the image from the front camera. If they maneuver to the rear, they will see the image from the rear view camera plus their real field of vision when looking over their shoulder. Overall, it will give them the impression of being able to see through obstacles. The glasses will also allow additional information to be superimposed, such as order data or the load status. Interested companies are still welcome to participate in the ViSIER project , which is set to run until the end of May 2021.