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As the world's first supplier of wearable ergonomic mechatronic devices (WEMDs), noonee AG - a spin-off of ETH Zurich - develops wearable mechatronic exoskeletons to help companies create age-appropriate, ergonomic workplaces. This Swiss company was founded in 2014, while last July saw the founding of noonee Germany GmbH to roll out the product around the world. The Chairless Chair, nominated for the HERMES AWARD 2017, was developed through continuous dialog with users.

As a posture aid worn on the body, the Chairless Chair is particularly suitable for production staff. This Swiss innovation weighs less than four kilograms and enables its wearer to sit anywhere without a seat. The solution is both simple and ingenious. It can be worn while walking and moved into the desired seating position at the touch of a button. It is user-friendly and can be switched quickly between standing, sitting and walking at any time. It can also be adjusted hydraulically to suit the wearer's build and desired seating position. The Chairless Chair promotes good posture and thus the well-being of its wearer, which can ultimately also help boost productivity.