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Since July 31, the two e-mail service providers have invited around one million customers to try out the "package tracking" beta test. The new feature is designed to simplify shipment tracking for online orders. It recognizes notifications relating to order confirmation or delivery date and displays the current status of the delivery above the message. The customer can mark other emails as relevant too, thus improving the software's recognition accuracy. All current orders can also be tracked in an overview entitled "My Orders".

Initially, the system only works in conjunction with the DPD and DHL delivery services. The customer's opt-in consent is required to allow GMX and Web.de to use the shipment numbers.

Package tracking is part of the larger "Intelligent Inbox" project, which aims to group and summarize incoming messages in the following categories: e-commerce & shopping, general notifications, contracts, sports, business and appointments. This likewise requires the user's opt-in. A third opt-in asks for the customer's consent to a manual review of automatically-detected e-mails or emails categorized based on user feedback.