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The Italian light metal casting solutions specialist, Italpresse Gauss , has adapted the virtual and augmented reality software of the British company AVEVA and integrated it into its products. The result is a tool called AMe that the machine manufacturer can use to offer its customers a maintenance-as-a-service solution. This makes it possible, for example, to focus a tablet's camera on a machine part and retrieve further data and maintenance documents via augmented reality. This enables the service representative to determine which parts need to be repaired and what their order IDs are. In difficult cases, he or she can call in an external technician to provide the local service team with support via a virtual reality headset.

The system is based on the Wonderware monitoring and control software from AVEVA . As early as 2015, Italpresse Gauss and Wonderware InTouch jointly developed a solution called HMe to monitor and control the die-casting process that has direct access to machine operating data.