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Cybercriminals in Austria still have it too easy according to the WKO: losses total 1.6 to 2 billion euros per year. IT security expert Gerald Kortschak says that although ever more companies are dealing with the topic of cybersecurity, they only rarely go through a real emergency situation step by step, although this is necessary for effective disaster management. This is where the cyberattack simulation game of the WKO’s industrial division comes in: all the escalation stages of a cyberattack will be simulated in the WKO Styria on July 3, 2019, i.e. as realistically as possible. The security teams of the participating industrial companies will also be involved. Interested parties can register by emailing industrie@wkstmak.at.

Cybercrime is also causing headaches in Germany. According to a representative Bitkom study , eight out of ten industrial companies report that the number of cyberattacks has increased in the past two years. According to an analysis by the digital association, industry suffered a total loss of 43.4 billion euros during this period as a result of sabotage, data theft or espionage.