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Specializing in sophisticated designs in plant and mechanical engineering, Spreckelmeyer GmbH guides its customers through every project - from as early as developing the initial idea, if requested. Managing directors Gerhard Spreckelmeyer and Rainer Faste and their team of around 30 staff develop custom machines and solutions of all types, which, in their view, meet the highest technical standards. Whether it's robotics, sensors or state-of-the-art camera systems - no application is too much for the wide-ranging services and expertise of this plant and mechanical engineering company. At Spreckelmeyer, creating added value for the customer, meeting requirements with absolute precision and achieving engineering perfection are the top priorities - and visitors to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 can see this for themselves. What's more, the company takes care of the necessary operating manuals and control technology, while also ensuring solutions conform to standards and technical guidelines.

Whether it's robot-assisted assembly technology, collaborative robots or fully automated processes such as sorting, separating and feeding - it's those tricky cases, in particular, that allow the Spreckelmeyer team to really rise to the challenge. One idea, one concept, one result - by taking this approach, the team hopes to make a success of every project, no matter how demanding. In Spreckelmeyer's view, every project should result in an end-to-end solution from a single source that leaves the customer fully satisfied. "Our customers value our pragmatic solutions, professional designs and consistency in meeting deadlines," he says. Trust is everything for Spreckelmeyer, who wants customers to know they can rely on the high quality of the company's services. "We always give our customers an honest assessment." Spreckelmeyer GmbH caters to manufacturing companies of all types in all sectors - particularly when automation processes and robotics are involved. It is also certified to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.