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If you ask entrepreneurs and managers what their three wishes would be from their fictional fairy godmother, they would write "cutting costs", for one… and then "boosting productivity" twice! But why dream when Voith Turbo H + L Hydraulic GmbH & Co. KG - the specialist in hydrodynamic drive, coupling and brake systems for use on roads and rails, in industry and for ship propulsion - can grant these "three wishes" in real life? Machine and systems operators can head straight to Voith's stand at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to experience live how they can save up to 70 percent of their energy consumption at the same time as boosting productivity. The company from Swabia in southwestern Germany has chosen the slogan "Progressive Hydraulic Solutions" to showcase its innovative hydraulic systems and products for controlling and regulating machines and systems. Voith's spotlight on saving energy focuses on CLDP and HPD linear motors and its very special servo pumps.

Hydraulic applications with high control requirements are subject to massively varying loads during operation. To ensure maximum operational efficiency even under these conditions, Voith servo pumps deliver exactly the performance required by varying the volume flows and motor speeds. Particularly when dealing with partial loads, this lends Voith’s solutions the clear upper hand over conventional systems, which use a constantly high volume stream that is only occasionally put to full use at the peaks of operational cycles. By optimizing its pumps' operation, Voith cuts energy consumption by up to 70 percent, thus reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) for the entire hydraulic system by as much as 35 percent. Dramatic savings like these mean that switching over to Voith will generally pay for itself within one to two years.