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The strict separation between human and robot work areas is increasingly becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with a collaborative working space . Here, cobots can be used as assistance systems, in particular for monotonous or dangerous activities, thereby relieving humans. The compressed air specialists at Festo are focusing on bionically inspired robots, since bionic lightweight robots are virtually predestined for safe human-robot collaboration due to their natural movement patterns and the flexible pneumatics used.

The collaborative research conducted in the Bionic Learning Network has already produced spectacular process automation solutions modeled on nature, such as the BionicMotionRobot and OctopusGripper , as well as the BionicCobot . This pneumatic lightweight design simulates the natural motion sequences of the human arm: The BionoicCobot’s movements are powerful and dynamic, as required, but also delicate and flexibly adjustable, so that the system doesn’t endanger humans, even in the event of a collision. Depending on the task at hand, various grippers can be connected. The system is operated intuitively via a graphical user interface (GUI) developed in-house.