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The percentage of milk, the stability, the size of the bubbles and many other requirements: it took many attempts before they found the Active Mixer system that meets the high standards. With the special brushless DC motor from the company Kern Antriebstechnik, milk and steam are pressed directly through the motor: The milk is pressed into a chamber with a rotating disc with a comb structure and foams up. The parameters of steam pressure, milk quantity and rotational speed can be used to give the milk foam any desired structure.

In the process, the disc became a rotor and the mixing chamber became the drive – thus creating a compact, low-cost mixer. The BLDC motor (24 VDC, 4000 rpm, 100 W power) was also encapsulated in food grade plastic. The steam and milk connections are now on the A-flange side, while perfect milk foam comes out on the B-flange side.