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The innovations in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) aim to achieve concrete improvements in people’s everyday lives, explains Bosch board of management member Dr. Markus Heyn. One example is video-based fire detection. Thanks to intelligent image analysis, security cameras are able to identify fires within a few seconds, even before the system’s sensors. The time saved here increases the chances of saving lives and minimizing material damage.

The alliance with Canadian platform provider Mojio is also bearing its first fruits: In the event of an accident, a specially developed algorithm can identify where and when the accident happened, and how severe it is. Via the Mojio cloud, the relevant data is transmitted to the Bosch emergency service center, which automatically sends an emergency call to local rescue services. At the same time, a message is sent to a list of SOS recipients. The IoT campaign is accompanied by a global brand campaign with the tagline Like a Bosch.

In the aftermath of the diesel crisis Bosch was forced to cut 600 jobs in its drive-technology division, reports German business newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’ , quoting German automotive publication ‘Automobilwoche’. Since demand for diesel cars fell, fewer components were being ordered from Bosch, the publications quote a company spokesperson as saying. Negotiations about substitute technologies are currently underway with employees.