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Papair GmbH is a start-up from Hanover and develops clever technologies for the production of sustainable packaging materials. The first of these technologies to be brought to market maturity enables the production of PapaiWrap, a "bubble wrap made of paper". It consists of 100 percent cellulose, which means that plastic waste can be avoided. According to Papair, PapairWrap combines cost efficiency, cushioning capacity and sustainability like no other product and represents a sustainable alternative to conventional packaging materials. After all, the paper bubble wrap is fully recyclable and biodegrades completely within a very short time. It can be disposed of via the existing recycling system.

Revolutionizing the packaging market

With the recent market launch of PapairWrap, the bubble wrap without plastic or adhesives, Papair has now taken a decisive step towards its declared goal of revolutionizing the packaging market. Production started at the site in Rethem an der Aller, very close to the company's headquarters in Hanover, using a specially developed process for manufacturing the sustainable packaging material - proof for the start-up that good ideas can ultimately prevail if they are pursued consistently.

Delayed launch

Production was originally scheduled to start in March 2022. However, due to the pandemic and global political events, there were delays in the completion of the plant. However, these obstacles have now been overcome. The need for sustainable packaging alternatives is there and demand is correspondingly high. The first plant is designed to meet the needs of around 50 customers from various industries. At the same time, pilot projects are being carried out with selected customers to evaluate the use of PapairWrap and incorporate the results into further development. CTO Steven Widdel explains: "We are initially starting with our pilot system. The second, larger system will then follow in the fourth quarter of this year in order to meet the increasing demand and to be able to offer two different product widths."

No standstill at Papair

Since 2020, Papair founders Christopher Feist, Fabian Solf and Steven Widdel and their now twelve-strong team have been working towards greater sustainability in the packaging industry. The production launch of PapairWrap is a first big step, but the team and the founders are already thinking far beyond that. A second round of financing is planned to purchase further equipment. And PapairWrap has much more potential: the company is already working on developing further functionalities and expanding its portfolio. Specifically, it is working on sustainable mailing bags, padded shipping cartons and customized solutions for major customers.