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The dew point or dew point temperature (°Cdp) is the temperature at which condensation occurs when a gas is cooled. The gas is then saturated with water vapour at equilibrium. The dew point is therefore directly and unambiguously related to the water vapour pressure. Dew point sensors that determine the dew point have to be recalibrated from time to time, usually once a year. In conjunction with highly accurate cooling mirror hygrometers, dew point calibrators enable on-site calibration of sensors and handheld devices, so that the sensors do not have to be replaced and calibrated externally. In this way, high costs and downtimes in production can be avoided and thousands of euros can be saved annually. Calibration is now to be particularly simple and fast with the latest ADG400 dew point generator from Process Sensing Technologies (PST), which the Friedrichsdorf-based company will be presenting alongside many other products at HANNOVER MESSE 2023.

The ADG400 dew point generator has a performance range of -80 °Cdp to +20 °Cdp dew point. As the entire housing is insulated and temperature controlled, saturation and thus performance is stable as well as reproducible. The ADG400's full-colour touch screen is designed to simplify and speed up set-up and operation. It not only displays status and diagnostic information, but also allows the selection of the operating modes "Manual", "Profile" or "Remote". In manual mode, the setpoints can be changed at the touch of a button. Eleven setpoints are pre-programmed at the factory at intervals of ten degrees Celsius, making standard calibrations quick and easy. In profile mode, unattended calibrations are possible when the ADG400 is used in conjunction with a Michell S8000 RS or S8000-100 reference chilled mirror hygrometer. Finally, in remote mode, the ADG400 can accept serial commands via the USB port to change setpoints. This allows the dew point generator to be fully integrated into a customer's own software calibration system.