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Over the past ten years, Canadian company dynaCERT, which is represented in Europe by dynaCERT GmbH in Germany, has invested more than 50 million Canadian dollars in developing hydrogen technology - technology that is now ready for both the market and series production. Dubbed 'HydraGEN', the process is designed to make combustion more efficient and reduce emissions. Indeed, the company claims that cutting consumption by up to 19 percent helps reduce nitrogen dioxide by up to 88 percent, fine particles by up to 55 percent and CO2 by up to 9.6 percent.

According to the Canadians, highly promising pilot projects with the new technology are already underway around the world. And now it has its first major order, too - from Mexico. A sales partner helped the company win over the customer - the Alliance Holdings Group and its associated unions - and secure an initial order for 100 'HydraGEN' units. The next stage in the business relationship will see a total of 10,000 units supplied to Mexico, equating to an order volume of some 60 million Canadian dollars.

Furthermore, dynaCERT has reportedly signed a declaration of intent with Alliance stating that a plant will be set up in Mexico where up to one million 'HydraGEN' systems can be manufactured. The next step is to work with representatives from the partners and unions to set out the framework for the project. According to the Canadians, environmental protection and job creation are key items on the agenda and, if the collaboration works out, the company anticipates potential sales amounting to several billion Canadian dollars. "dynaCERT's technology is very important to Alliance because it will foster better health and the use of environmentally friendly technology for union members and for the population of Mexico as a whole," comments Alberto Valdespino, Principal of Alliance and Director of International Business. "The use of 'HydraGEN' technology will allow the unions in Mexico to benefit from reduced fuel consumption and fuel costs, while at the same time creating immediate and significant reductions in diesel gas pollution for generations to come."

dynaCERT GmbH (77933 Lahr, Germany)