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Have you ever wondered where the detailed statistics in televised soccer matches come from? Both the actual speed and the movement pattern of every player on the field can often be precisely rendered in game analyses. Quite often the technology behind this is a cutting-edge sensor and data collection system by Kinexon. This Bavarian firm is demonstrating what their Kinexon ONE product can offer beyond sports at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Kinexon ONE is an innovative solution for real-time capture of position and movement data. However, it not only registers position and movement, but also the conditions of people, objects and all types of processes. The cornerstone of the system is a small, lightweight sensor that detects position data to the centimeter. A cloud-based smart analytics application processes the data and provides the user with a broad selection of valuable insights in terms of business intelligence. Kinexon ONE is suitable for wireless use both in- and outdoors, and promises significant added value in a wide range of application areas in industry, logistics, retail, sports, healthcare and unmanned aviation.

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