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Human-Robot-Collaboration: A glimpse of how it works in practice

There are many things you can do with a collaborative robot, but which by itself is a ‘naked tool’. Together with its partners Müller Maschinenbau GmbH, FAUDE Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, IIS UG and Lorenscheit Automatisierungs-Technik GmbH, Universal Robots demonstrates how collaborative automation solutions can work in practice. All applications are equipped with accessories from the developer ecosystem " Universal Robots+ ".

How about a freshly tapped beer? Thanks to its pick&place solution, Müller Maschinenbau makes it possible. An UR3 with an On-Robot-gripper takes a cup from a mold, feeds it into a labeling station, which sticks a label onto the cup. And then, visitors can decide whether they would like an empty cup – or one filled with freshly tapped beer. If they decide to take a beer, a UR5 takes the cup and draws it.

FAUDE evaluates the feasibility of automation solutions with cobots. Applications can be programmed right on site by using flexFIPS. It shows how fast and simple the integration of collaborative robots can be.

Watching the pick&place application of Lorenscheit Automatisierungs-Technik may remind you of a funfair: The aim is to scavenge a candy. The UR robot, equipped with a Robotiq gripper and a camera, can be moved with four arrow keys. Pushing another button, the robot tries to grab the candy. Regardless of his success the visitor will not leave empty-handed.

IIS shows that Universal Robots copes with classical industrial assembly applications: Two UR3 arms with electronic grippers cooperate to equip control boards.

Making robot programming easy

The "Universal Robots Academy" is another innovation at this year’s trade fair presence. The openly accessible online training program, which is free of charge, makes it even easier to learn how to setup and program the ‘cobots’. Everybody with a desire to learn the concept of cobots can get the introduction by six e-learning modules and experience how easy it is to get started with cobots.

At this year’s Hanover Trade Fair, Universal Robots proves that collaborative robotics is no longer just a dream of the future, but has meanwhile been running successfully in modern manufacturing. There are no limits regarding the application flexibility and a wide range of automation solutions are possible. So it is hardly surprising, that already more than 11,000 UR-robots are in use worldwide.