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Linear movements with high forces and µ-precise positioning are to a certain extent a standard requirement in plant and machine engineering. For optimal technical implementation, however, a particularly compact, simple and cost-effective solution is required. The imperative for sustainability also requires a maximum level of energy efficiency and process reliability. Current stand-alone linear axes are able to comprehensively meet these requirements by combining the force density and robustness of hydraulics in a compact, energy-efficient and low-maintenance system solution.

Linear movements with forces up to 110 kilonewtons

For these reasons, Bosch Rexroth, a specialist for drive and control technology based in Lohr, Germany, has now added the CytroMotion system solution to its portfolio in the power class up to 6.2 kilowatts. With the help of the new compact actuator, linear movements with forces of up to 110 kilonewtons can be realized in a wide variety of machines and systems according to the above-mentioned specifications - and this over the entire life cycle. In addition, CytroMotion, controlled purely electrically, also simplifies engineering and commissioning. The efficient power-on-demand drive and the low-maintenance, hermetically sealed design also ensure sustainability with minimal operating costs.

Compact, integrated solutions

CytroMotion not only condenses the standard components of electric motor, hydraulic pump and cylinder with important control functions and shut-off devices into a compact, integrated solution - optional components also include a digital displacement encoder system with industry-standard SSI interface, a circuit variant with switchable, force-reduced rapid traverse, and pressure protection for adjustable limitation of maximum forces.

A whole range of advantages

With its novel design approach, the CytroMotion is intended to open up new design and functional perspectives for machine and plant engineering, as it enables a significantly longer stroke in the same installation space compared to conventional linear axes. Considered over the entire life cycle, this results in a whole series of advantages: The electrical control is comparable to that of an electromechanical axis and is implemented via a commercially available frequency converter from Bosch Rexroth or from a third-party supplier. Engineering and commissioning require no hydraulics know-how and take place within the customer's usual control architecture. An online configurator helps to find the optimum drive solution for the respective application in just a few minutes. Installation also takes place without piping, hoses or filters.

Low power consumption and CO2 emissions

In addition to the design tricks, the modern control technology of the CytroMotion also contributes to the increased process quality. And not only that: while linear movements and forces can be precisely and easily controlled electronically, the self-sufficient axis reduces power consumption and proportional CO2 emissions by up to 80 percent compared to conventional hydraulics, thus contributing to a significant increase in energy efficiency. The variable-speed power-on-demand drive also only consumes electricity when power is actually needed. In virtually consumption-free power-holding mode, the applied loads are supported by integrated shut-off valves.

Suitable for numerous applications

The range of applications for the CytroMotion is broad. It ranges from power plant technology and metal processing to pressing and joining applications with force holding operation to ring rolling mills in the steel industry with high deformation, process and holding forces. Thanks to its encapsulation, the hydraulic system is also suitable for testing and quality assurance as well as for use in the process and food industries.

Supplementary condition monitoring

In addition, the hermetically sealed system is said to allow low-maintenance operation. While electromechanical axes often require external or cyclical lubrication, the CytroMotion makes do with the same factory oil filling over a significantly longer period of time. Even in the event of a sensor replacement, the housing remains tightly sealed. Nevertheless, in the interest of maximum availability, CytroMotion also supports supplementary condition monitoring. Open interfaces and an integrated pressure sensor system allow easy monitoring of process forces and internal system parameters.