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The magazine "Stern", the savings banks, the Porsche AG and the ZDF distinguish particularly innovative entrepreneurs and their companies with the German Founders Award every year. Ineratec, the company that won the award this year, builds chemical reactors for the production of synthetic fuels that are so compact they fit into a ship's container as ready-to-use systems and can be used anywhere.

"The chemical processes used to produce synthetic natural gas or synthetic fuels from the climate-killer CO2 and regeneratively produced hydrogen usually require extremely expensive, large-scale chemical plants," says Ineratec's Managing Director Tim Böltken. The Karlsruhe startup has shrunk the large-scale plants to miniature format with a modular design in order to expand capacity as needed. The energy needed for the manufacturing process can come from renewable sources such as solar, wind or water power. A power-to-liquid plant for renewable liquid fuels in Finland and a power-to-gas plant in Spain that produces synthetic methane gas from the carbon dioxide of sewage sludge are already in operation.