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At an event under the umbrella of the Google Cloud Experience Tour , the medium-sized company Mader from Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart and the Internet portal Looxr Druckluft 4.0 offered an insight into the latest developments in compressed air solutions. Along with thirty-minute lectures, a presentation on the topic of compressed air and energy efficiency brought the topic to life in a practical way. It showed how savings could be identified when the measured energy streams and consumptions vary significantly from theoretical values. Benchmarks also provide guidance in diagnosing companies’ own efficiency.

Under a cooperation agreement, Mader and Looxr are offering customized compressed air solutions that promise a reduction in energy costs of up to 50% and a time saving of up to 30%. By means of CloudPlugs , the measurement technology for compressed air systems is connected to the Looxr online portal. In this way, for example, leaks in compressed air systems can be located quickly and easily with the aid of modern ultrasound detectors. According to Looxr, all of the system data recorded is stored in the Google Cloud in Europe in line with data protection legislation and can be viewed in real time.