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ContiConnect offers fleet managers access to all tire data in a fleet. Sensors on the tires continuously measure pressure, temperature, and other values that allow conclusions to be drawn about tire condition, and then communicate those values to the platform. If one or more of the parameters reaches a critical value, ContiConnect alerts previously defined recipients who usually have enough time to prevent the occurrence of acute damage. Although the system can only be used in the USA, Canada, Malaysia and Thailand for now, more countries, including Germany, will likely be added later this year. Other manufacturers, including Goodyear and Pirelli, are currently working on similar concepts .

With ContiConnect, Continental is adding predictive maintenance to the digital fleet management solutions available on the market. Vodafone is contributing mobile communication technology for data transmission. Many drivers perceive solutions that primarily aim at monitoring vehicle location as paternalistic. By comparison, ContiConnect should be much more popular with drivers, given that the platform protects them against tiresome punctures and possibly even against serious accidents.