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Many of the hopes of the automobile industry are currently based on driverless cars that take their passengers to their destination independently. Artificial intelligence is required for this to recognize street signs, road markings and traffic situations, for example. Currently the systems are undergoing the complex process of training with labeled images and videos, which is referred to as human labeling. The German automobile industry suppler Continental has now taken a shareholding in the Israeli startup Cartica AI , which has developed a new method for machine learning in traffic.

According to Cartica, the system is able to learn independently by evaluating large data volumes and foreseeing situations, for example. In a video, the company uses the example of a ball that rolls out onto the street. The artificial intelligence knows that in many cases a child will be running after the ball and prepares itself to brake. Continental is investing in Cartica along with the risk capital investors BMW-i-Ventures and Toyota AI Ventures , together with the crowdfunding platform OurCrowd. The Hanover-based corporation recently entered into other partnerships in the AI field, including with the University of Oxford, the research group Berkeley Deep Drive and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) .