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ELCA S.R.L., based in Mussolente in north-eastern Italy, develops and produces safety radio remote controls and electronic automation systems for the following main areas of application: Industry, agriculture, ecology, marble extraction and processing, material handling and maintenance machinery as well as for special applications. The products, some of which are high-tech, not only comply with all applicable regulations, they are also extremely reliable.

ELCA's core products include the E1 series, a radio remote control system designed for machines with proportional and on/off commands. Within the E1 series, the PIC model (for piccolo = small) stands out in particular. The PIC is a MITO-compatible, lightweight and robust radio remote control with lap belt, which is suitable for various application requirements despite its compact dimensions. The standard configuration consists of three toggle switches and a mushroom-shaped stop button to execute five commands directly on the first level and up to eight commands with a second function. Versions with an analog potentiometer and four LEDs for feedback indicators are also available on request. The anti-reflective control panel made of durable materials does not lose any of its efficiency, even in particularly demanding applications, and the PIC model can also be personalized. The protected and replaceable lithium battery lasts for up to 50 hours of continuous operation, depending on the configuration, and can be quickly recharged using the specific ELCA-CLIP USB connector.