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The company core sensing, which was spun off from TU Darmstadt in 2019, specializes in the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of measurement data. Here, smart sensors inside mechanical components - in combination with intelligent algorithms - provide valuable insights into machines, plants and commercial vehicles, enabling them to be digitalized in series production and consequently operated more efficiently. With core sensing's solutions, companies are enabled, for example, to monitor components and determine the usage intensity of assets, thus generating new business models. This possibility is so far unique on the market and helped core sensing to win the prestigious HERMES Startup Award 2019, among others.

"The closing of the funding round is an important confirmation of our product and the work of the entire team. We are proud that we were able to close the financing with such a diversified consortium and that we were able to bring important expertise into the company in addition to fresh capital," said Dr. Martin Krech, CEO and co-founder of core sensing.

With the newly acquired capital, core sensing is well positioned to take a key position in the growing market for new IoT business models, such as equipment-as-a-service and predictive maintenance solutions based on its end-to-end sensing product.