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The success of industrial digitalization is essentially based on advanced production planning, increasingly supported by AI-supported data analysis. The latter significantly simplifies previous planning processes and delivers correspondingly better results. DUALIS GmbH IT Solution, a subsidiary of iTAC Software AG and thus of the Dürr Group, has equipped its Advanced Planning System (APS) GANTTPLAN with corresponding new functionalities and is now presenting them for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2024.

Automatic collection and analysis of historical data

"The value of data can only be exploited if it is collected, stored and, above all, used sensibly. Companies often do not systematically analyze their extensive databases and therefore do not use them to support decision-making. This is where our GANTTPLAN History Service comes in. It enables the automatic collection and analysis of historical data," explains Daniel Thieme, Marketing Manager at DUALIS.

Collect experience and process it in a targeted manner

The "GANTTPLAN History Service" is used to collect planning data in a structured way and process it based on logic. The aim is to put planning on a more realistic basis by recognizing patterns and causal relationships from the past, making forecasts and analysing deviations from the plan, thereby making the entire production process more robust. The History Service is intended to create the conditions for precise analyses and thus for fast, well-founded decisions. The advanced analysis options and functions for production planning also include AI applications. Among other things, these can enable the prediction of deviating process durations and more realistic delivery dates. Applications such as like-modeling are also conceivable, which can automatically create target times for new parts based on similar orders that have already been carried out.

Real-time feedback for more efficient production planning

DUALIS will also be presenting the Confirmation Client at HANNOVER MESSE 2024. Daniel Thieme comments: "In order for production planners to make the right decisions, they need to have well-founded information, including operating data. The Confirmation Client is a new feature that enables store floor data to be recorded directly in APS GANTTPLAN."

Mapping the reality of the store floor in real time

The Confirmation Client is a PDA functionality embedded in the GANTTPLAN APS for real-time feedback of all planning-relevant process steps such as material provision, design and packaging. It makes it possible to map the reality of the store floor in real time. In this way, it is possible to react flexibly to short-term disruptions and adapt detailed planning accordingly. The web-based HTML5 client offers platform independence, so that employees can access the central system from different devices without having to install special software.